Easy Light Switch Cover Decoration

  • Light Switch Cover
  • Mod Podge or White Glue
  • Brush
  • Tissue or scrapbook paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Large scrap paper, cheap tablecloth or place mats.

In this craft I use tissue or scrapbook paper to decorate the light switch because I’m not very artistic. If you’d like to paint a design on the light switch, I suggest using Gesso to prime the plastic so the paint will have something to grab onto.

Easy light switch cover kids craft supplies
Decorating a light switch supplies

I use large scrap paper or place mats to protect my working surface so it is easy to clean up.

Use the pencil to trace an outline on the scrapbook paper. Then cut the outline a bit larger so it can curve over the slanted edges of the light plate.

Easy Light Switch Decorating craft
Glue the scrapbook paper over the light switch leaving enough room to curve over the slanted edges of the light plate.
Easy Light Switch Decoration kid craft
Back of light switch

If you have a sharp craft knife you can trim the edges closer to the light switch edges. I only had scissors so I glued the edges to the back. Take care not to make it too bulky.

When using tissue paper you can cut geometric shapes, just tear the paper, or if you’re really artistic you can make it into fun shapes like bears or dolls. I’ve never had much luck doing intricate shapes with tissue paper.

Using tissue paper on the light switch cover you don’t need to be precise.

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know if you like this craft and if you’d like to see more cheap and easy crafts for kids.

Page a Day Calendar Bookmarks

DIY Bookmark kids craft
Everything you need for a bookmark. Skittles Optional.


  • Scissors
  • Paint brush or sponge
  • Tag or Cardstock
  • Image
  • Mod Podge (or glue)
  • Paint (I used acrylic that cost $1 each)
  • Large paper, cheap tablecloth, or place mats to protect your work surface and make clean-up very easy.

I use old Page-A-Day Calendar pages for this project. You can also use magazine images or just rubber stamp an image on to the paint. I don’t recommend using an image you print out on an ink jet printer. The wet glue will cause the image colors to run.

Painting a tag craft
Paint tag or card stock with a sponge for texture. Multiple paints for a layered effect.

Using a paintbrush, sponge or even your hands, paint the tag or cardstock. I like to use a few different colors to give it more visual depth. I prefer using a sponge to give the paint a bit of texture.

Easy Bookmark kid craft
Glue image onto cardstock after the paint has dried.

You can either cut the image out in a block, or you can get fiddly and cut out just the image of the character.

Page a day calendar bookmark craft
Cutting out just the image of the character.

Use the Mod Podge or white glue to glue the picture to the bookmark. Then go over the entire bookmark with Mod Podge or white glue.

Calendar bookmarks easy craft
Sometimes you may need to weigh down the bookmark while the paint and the glue dry.

Allow the bookmark to air dry a bit and then place it in wax paper and place it under a heavy weight. I like to use an old box and dumbbells. I use the box so the weight is distributed evenly.

Using a large sheet of paper or cheap tablecloth can make clean up much easier.

The paper I’m using here was packing material for something I ordered. I also used cheap plastic place mats, Dollar Tree tablecloths, or used paper like junk mail or old school papers.

The glue and paint was out very easily and it’s best to do it as soon as the project is complete.

Thanks for coming to my blog. Please let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more super easy crafts.

Unicorn Backpack Pins at The Lemon Daisy


Unicorn backpack pins

New Unicorn Pin Set at The Lemon Daisy (an Etsy Shop)

I have several different cute backpack pin sets at The Lemon Daisy my Etsy Shop. My newest set includes 5 different pins.

If you’d like a custom set, just email me and we can put together a set of all of your favorite backpack pins I have.

Unicorn Pin Set Choices

All the color choices for the Unicorn Pin Set at The Lemon Daisy

Mix & Match!

Put together your own backpack pin set. Use the Custom Button at my Etsy Store The Lemon Daisy & tell me which pins you prefer in your set.

Craft Room Organization DONE!

I’ve finally finished painting, cleaning and organizing my craft room! Go me! I never thought I’d get it done. I was very overwhelmed. I wrote a “To Do” list every evening in my journal and that gave me the enthusiasm to get it done. One baby step at a time.

IMG_2160  IMG_2161  IMG_2162 IMG_2163

The first picture is just entering the room. I still have the shelf at the beginning. Now it has the things I use on a very infrequent basis.

Picture 2: Is my craft table folded in half. I don’t use the whole space anyway. Across from that at the window was a cabinet my father picked up at a flea market a while ago. I have my paint rack on it.

Picture 3: Is the far side of the room. I have my little 9 cube shelf. I put 2 of my plastic drawers in the closet to save space. It mainly has my rubber stamps and most of my crayons, colored pencils, gel pens and markers.

Picture 4 is my closet with my fabric shelf, minus most (2 full to popping shelves) of fabric. I have that up for auction on Ebay. I hope it sells. I put up 8 pound so fake fur and about 4 pounds of regular fabric.

I am glad to have the room cleared out. Now I have to get started on making sets of my Glass Marble Magnets that I sell on Etsy.


Before: IMG_1897

After: IMG_2162 What a difference!

Craft room the Organization Begins . . . tomorrow

The room is painted, the tape is off and the furniture moved in. And now the organization process begins in earnest . . . um tomorrow.

Here is the room so far

IMG_1982  At the door of the craft room   At the door to the craft room IMG_1981


Picture 1: back of the room by the closet. As you can see the things in the laundry basket still needs to find a place.

Picture 2: is at the door. Directly in front of the door is a small 3 shelf bookcase. I didn’t take a picture of it.

Picture 3: is also by the door but it shows the 9 square book case by my desk.

Picture 4: is by the window where the paint rack is.

I like the cheery yellow and that I have more room. I just need to get rid of the things I’m not using. I should also find another spot for the paint since I don’t like it by the window. But then, it’s been there for 10 yrs. I have to see how much of that paint I may need to throw away. I’ve went through it quickly earlier this week. I need to try them all out to see.

I have Pirate game cards to get rid of, some games in the closet. At one time I thought Original Star Trek Barbie was a good find at $10. It’s still worth only $10, and I don’t want them around anymore. So much to do. Either Ebay or Goodwill. I’m getting tough on it tomorrow.

Then I need to see how to get this room efficient. Any suggestions?



Craft Room: Painting . . . or what not to do

This is my first painting project ever. It has been my personal 2-day nightmare. Okay, the first day was the nightmare.

It is important to read everything you are about to buy. I knew I needed an edger. There was a handy little item that looked like a more substantial one than I was looking for. It even had on the tag it was made by women for women. I figured this meant very cool edger. It was not. I don’t know what it was meant for. It had sides on it, which made me thing it was an edger giving clean edges. In fact it was just a sponge roller paint  . . . thing. After using it the sponge would shrink just a bit (with all that paint and the pressure of moving it) that the sides would scrape down the wall. UGH.

I had to go out and get a real edger. But not until 4 hrs later. For some reason I thought I’ll just make do. My parents didn’t get that fancy edger thing until the late 80’s, I can paint through this. It was a more work than I should have done. Once I got the fancy edger product, it went quicker. Of course, I was not done.

Today I started again (10 am) and was done by 3 pm. It was a much easier day. And while it doesn’t look at all good, I was told for a first time it wasn’t bad. That made me feel a bit better.

Here are the almost finished pictures of the craft room. I will wait 48 hrs before I take the blue tape off and start moving in the furniture.

IMG_1972 IMG_1973 IMG_1975 IMG_1977


It’s funny how  the picture by the door looks so much lighter than the other pictures. The shade is called Pale Daffodil by Behr. The shade I expected is the one by the door. In this picture it looks light. The color you see by the windows, the bright “in your face” lemon is what it looks like in real life. Luckily, I wanted a more “In Your Face” yellow, but knew better (from past experience) to go one shade lighter.

I may put wallies up for a border, I’m not sure yet. I’m really not sure how much more money I want to sink into this. I have about $120 in it so far. Much more than I expected.

My next task is arranging the craft room. This is where the organization will really come in.