Craft Room Organization Part 2

I am completely overwhelmed. I’ve been doing about an hour’s work at a time all week. This morning I did nearly 3 hours of work and here it is. Ready to be painted.


IMG_1968 IMG_1967 IMG_1966 IMG_1965

Picture 1: This is from the back of my craft room towards the door. I’ve taken down the cork board. Not sure if I’ll put that back up. It was old and ratty when I got it. I did by a white board. It will be more useful considering I sell so many magnets.


Picture 2: Here is the little ‘entrance’ to my craft room. This little spot always seems like a waste of space where the closet juts out into the room. I used to have a toy box full of fabric. Now I have a shelf. Not sure which is better. It still seems like a waste of space.


Picture 3: is from the door looking into the room. I’ve got nearly everything in the middle ready to paint.

Picture 4: I realize I have to move that shelf. I had to move everything from in there out into a clothes basket. It’s not the sturdiest shelf. I bought it at Big Lots.

I have plaster on 2 holes and have to clean around the floor boards and frames. By tomorrow I should be painting.

My closet is now a packed mess. I did take a lot out, but what was left inside the room had to go there. After my paint is dry things are either going up on Ebay, Etsy or Goodwill. I’m done with almost all of it. I’d love to find a good home for my fun fur, though.

When my daughter was younger I had loads of different art forms for her to try. Now that she’s older and has settled on a few, there is no need for all this stuff I have accumulated. I worried that I’d miss something I gave away. And wouldn’t you know it, two weeks after giving away tin serving trays I could have used them. No matter! I found something else. I can’t believe all the things in my house and I’m not anywhere near a ‘hoarder’. It must be truly overwhelming to get rid of that amount of stuff.



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