I started this page in part to promote my Etsy store, The Lemon Daisy. Of course, I found there is only so much you can say about Glass Marble Magnets. So I’ve decided to include all of my other hobbies. I love to journal, read and just putter about in my craft room.

I started this store after making a huge amount of glass marble magnets. IMG_2405 IMG_2447

Making these glass marble magnets came from a need in my work place. We are not allowed to tape or use tacky putty on our walls. Being in a pediatric setting we all love to decorate seasonally and with things the kids make. Luckily, we have metal doors. So we use a lot of magnets. Many of us found it difficult to find cute magnets strong enough for all the things we need them for. The basic neodymium rare earth magnets are great, but are small and flat and therefore difficult to place where we want them. If they’re not strong enough they get pushed off the door and easily get lost. If they’re too strong it is very hard to lift them off the door without scratching the paint.

I have done a lot of research and experiments with glues, types and strengths of magnets and objects to use them on. What I offer here is what I use at work and at home as refrigerator magnets. I have chosen a magnet that has 6.5 pounds of force. Strong enough to hold a lot, but not so strong its hard to take off surfaces. These magnets are strong enough that one magnet can hold up 8 – 10 sheets of paper. I’ve combined my love of toys with my desire to upcycle. Many of the toys that I use are ones that would have been discarded. Either there were missing pieces or the toys weren’t fun to play with on their own. I also love marbles and use a lot of marbles on my magnets.



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