Craft Room: Painting . . . or what not to do

This is my first painting project ever. It has been my personal 2-day nightmare. Okay, the first day was the nightmare.

It is important to read everything you are about to buy. I knew I needed an edger. There was a handy little item that looked like a more substantial one than I was looking for. It even had on the tag it was made by women for women. I figured this meant very cool edger. It was not. I don’t know what it was meant for. It had sides on it, which made me thing it was an edger giving clean edges. In fact it was just a sponge roller paint  . . . thing. After using it the sponge would shrink just a bit (with all that paint and the pressure of moving it) that the sides would scrape down the wall. UGH.

I had to go out and get a real edger. But not until 4 hrs later. For some reason I thought I’ll just make do. My parents didn’t get that fancy edger thing until the late 80’s, I can paint through this. It was a more work than I should have done. Once I got the fancy edger product, it went quicker. Of course, I was not done.

Today I started again (10 am) and was done by 3 pm. It was a much easier day. And while it doesn’t look at all good, I was told for a first time it wasn’t bad. That made me feel a bit better.

Here are the almost finished pictures of the craft room. I will wait 48 hrs before I take the blue tape off and start moving in the furniture.

IMG_1972 IMG_1973 IMG_1975 IMG_1977


It’s funny how  the picture by the door looks so much lighter than the other pictures. The shade is called Pale Daffodil by Behr. The shade I expected is the one by the door. In this picture it looks light. The color you see by the windows, the bright “in your face” lemon is what it looks like in real life. Luckily, I wanted a more “In Your Face” yellow, but knew better (from past experience) to go one shade lighter.

I may put wallies up for a border, I’m not sure yet. I’m really not sure how much more money I want to sink into this. I have about $120 in it so far. Much more than I expected.

My next task is arranging the craft room. This is where the organization will really come in.




Craft Room Organization: Part 3

Ugh! This is so much work! I asked my husband how long it should take to paint a room. He said it would take him about 3 hours. Well, it took me about 2 hours to put up all this tape!

IMG_1969  IMG_1971


IMG_1889Here is a picture before. If you look at the left side you can see all the paint marks. These were left from my daughter though all the time she painted canvases and stuff in this area. Because I hated the wall, I didn’t take such a good before shot. I really didn’t think it’d come so clean.


IMG_1970Here is the after picture, the wall is on the right side of the picture. Those ‘magic erasers’ did the trick. Although, I had both Mr. Clean and Big Lot’s generic type. The generic worked just as good. The more expensive ones with the blue scrubbies were the worst. The blue ‘scrubber’ was useless and there was less of the useful white part. Just for cleaning the wall it took an hour and a half, and that was with help. My daughter helped with the painted wall and Frankie my cat was our supervisor. He is very good at his job, jumping up to show us where we missed.

Tomorrow I will start painting. Hopefully, it will only take me 3 hours. For the rest of today I am going through my scrapbook materials. I will get all the ‘scrapping’ done tonight or it’s being tossed or donated. My patience is gone! Too many things I’ve been meaning to do and they all add up.

One super wonderful thing I found is my new favorite Jelly Bean! Gimbal’s Bumble Beans. They are all different shapes and flavors. They say they are gourmet, and they taste it! I really like the fact that these are the jelly beans that didn’t come out of the mold perfectly. Some look quite funny. They are awesome delicious and at Big Lots. Big Lots, if you haven’t noticed, is my new favorite store.  I should be a spokesperson for them.